Garage and Gate Motors

Garage and gate motors goes hand in hand with gate automation and is needed to complete any home access and security system. For many homes in Pretoria, garage door access security is also very convenient. We use only the best quality equipment which includes battery backups and gate remotes.
Garage and gate motors will help to secure your home and give you peace of mind. You can operate both your gate and garage door from the same remote. Having more than one remote on your key ring is very bulky and inconvenient.

One remote for your garage and gate motors

You can use any remote with any garage and gate motor. Most new systems use code hopping remotes as they are more secure, but most of the old types can still be used as well.
Our technicians can also install infra-red safety beams on your garage doors if you want the added safety of the door not closing on your car.
Most wall modules these days are wireless and can be used from any place in the garage. The wall module is used to open the garage door from inside the garage. It can also be used to lock the system so that it will not work. This is used if you have a child  who is playing with the system and you want to stop them. They can be carried in the car or can be placed in the house as no wires are needed.
Garage doors must be  in good working order for the garage door motor to work properly. If the door is not properly balanced and serviced, the motor may give problems. Before you fit a motor make sure that the door itself is working well.

Gate Automation Repairs

With many years of experience in the industry, we at Vault and Safe also offer our clients the best gate automation repair services on broken or damaged gates, garage doors, fences and automated motors.
If in an unfortunate event damage was caused on your property or a motor has stopped functioning correctly, you can contact us for a quotation on any gate repair, garage door repair or automated motor repairs.