SABS Approved Safes

Vault and Safe Services stocks, supplies and installs a wide range of SABS approved safes. From basic wall safes to SABS approved safes, we have a solution for your requirements. Before buying a SABS approved safe it is important to know which category safe you need which will show you its ability to withstand an attack.
No matter what safe you require, every safe or vault we supply is awarded a grade for their resistance to a burglary. This is particularly important for insurance reasons, as the contents of a safe will only be insured if the safe carries the appropriate safe grade. 
We are committed to the protection of your cash valuables, and ultimately the people in the high risk environment. 

Overnight Cash Limits

No SABS grading - R 5 000
SABS category 1 grading  - R 10 000
SABS category 2 grading - R 20 000
SABS category 2HD grading - R 40 000
SABS category 2ADM grading - R100 000
SABS category 2ADM D3 grading - R125 000
SABS category 3 grading - R175 000
SABS category 4 grading - R350 000
SABS category 5ADC grading - R500 000