CCTV Installation Pretoria

Vault and Safe offers a variety of CCTV installation services to homes and businesses in and around the greater Gauteng. Customer satisfaction and quality CCTV installations are of the utmost importance to us. We are committed to providing high quality service to our clients who entrust their homes and businesses to us.
For your own safety and convenience contact Vault and Safe for a professional CCTV installation. Our strong product knowledge and experienced employees enable us to offer reliable and professional CCTV installation services at affordable rates no matter where you are in Gauteng.
Installing CCTV cameras is not only one of the best deterrents for preventing burglaries, but  also great for early warning and gathering evidence to catch the intruders.

CCTV Installation For Your Home

Linking your CCTV cameras to your home ADSL router will allow you to stream video to a remote site simply by using your web browser or software provided by us. CCTV cameras are perfect for checking up on children’s safety or just for peace of mind when you are on holidayWe provide the highest quality night vision (IR Cameras) that will provide good surveillance footage even in the darkest of conditions.

CCTV Installation For Your Business

The biggest stock losses take place from inside your business. Our professional CCTV installers in Gauteng can install CCTV cameras anywhere in your company including dispatch areas, receiving areas, stockrooms and cashiers points. This will reduce losses and give you a better idea of where your stock is at all times.
Like most businesses in Gauteng, your business has certain safety regulations. When these regulations are not fully met, injuries may happen without even knowing exactly how. By installing a CCTV system causes of events can be determined in a matter of minutes and appropriate action taken.
Installing a CCTV system with security cameras in key places will be one of your company’s best management tools.